Sherelle Craven

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Music School! Nicole and the teachers create a supportive, friendly community where students have space to grow. My sons are learning music fundamentals and are also encouraged to play and create music that interests them. The teachers believe in the importance of the craft of musicianship and understand how to make skill development fun. The staff devote hard work, professionalism, and creativity to hosting recitals for the students to perform. It is a pleasure to see the students’ proficiency grow from one showcase to the next. My boys look forward to their lessons each week and as long as we stay in the Coachella Valley we will be staying at the Music School!”

– Sherelle Craven

Naomi James

“I like The Music School because they have nice teachers, lots of white boards, and good pianos. I like learning chords and writing my first song!”

– Naomi James (Age 7)

Erick Moulin - Age 6

“Taking piano lessons at The Music School is awesome! I love learning Star Wars music and when I get older I am going to make music for the movies just like Star Wars!”

– Erick Moulin (Age 6)

Astrid Peris

“Aidan has always loved music. As an 8 year old, he loved movie themes the best. I found The Music School doing a Google search and I spoke to Nicole who said I didn’t need my own piano to start; Aidan could practice on-site. We have been here two years and I can’t say enough good things about The Music School. Everyone is professional, friendly and they work hard to teach music. I appreciate the enthusiasm and love the school teaches with! Thank you!”

– Astrid Peris

Stephen White

“Arpeggios! Cadences! Chords! Scales! I love ‘em all! Thank you The Music School. After 80 years, I’m finally learning my basics! I anxiously and joyfully look forward to my lessons. Every member of the staff is professional, pleasant and welcoming. The best “music learning” experience I’ve ever had!”

– Stephen White

Audrey Padilla

“As a longtime student at The Music School, I have learned a lot over the years! It is very enjoyable and the teachers are phenomenal.”

– Audrey Padilla (Age 16)

Logan Adair

“I first reached out to the School of Music when I wanted more guidance discovering my vocal range and capabilities. I already played guitar well and I wanted to improve on my singing. They are very laid back and easy to approach. I have been working with a vocal coach for three months now and have improved incredibly well compared to where I was prior to lessons. I’m not one to enjoy being taught how to do something, but my vocal coach challenges me, while also giving me space. At the end of the day it all comes down to how serious you are about your art, and the School of Music is just as serious as I am about improvement and reaching goals through work ethic and passion. Endurance is key.”

– Logan Adair

“Music lessons are the best thing we’ve ever done for our children. It’s a positive, confidence-building activity that can stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

– Monica Little

“Since he started working with the instructors at The Music School, my son has shown dramatic and consistent improvement in his musical ability. Guitar lessons have become one of his favorite activities!”

– Jeff Alkire

“Music has helped sharpen my daughter’s mind. She is able to focus better at school. Music helps her to recognize patterns and understand how to break down big concepts in ways that apply to all other areas of life. Music has really added to her confidence too!”

– Anthony Del Real