The Music School offers private lessons to students of all ages on a variety of instruments. Our mission is “to provide students with the tools they need to learn and create in a way that will lead to lifelong enjoyment of music.” We give top-quality instruction and can teach beginners through advanced students. Students of all abilities and interests are encouraged to learn new skills and improve based on their individual goals.

Our teachers are highly qualified musicians with extensive teaching and performing experience. One-on-one instruction allows students to move at their own pace and cultivate rich learning-relationships with their instructors. We have two recitals per year where students are able to showcase what they have learned in a positive, encouraging environment.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Music School! Nicole and the teachers create a supportive, friendly community where students have space to grow. My sons are learning music fundamentals and are also encouraged to play and create music that interests them. The teachers believe in the importance of the craft of musicianship and understand how to make skill development fun..."

- Sherelle Craven

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"Taking piano lessons at The Music School is awesome! I love learning Star Wars music and when I get older I am going to make music for the movies just like Star Wars!"

- Erick Moulin (Age 6)

"Arpeggios! Cadences! Chords! Scales! I love ‘em all! Thank you The Music School. After 80 years, I’m finally learning my basics! I anxiously and joyfully look forward to my lessons. Every member of the staff is professional, pleasant and welcoming. The best “music learning” experience I’ve ever had!"

- Stephen White

"As a longtime student at The Music School, I have learned a lot over the years! It is very enjoyable and the teachers are phenomenal."

- Audrey Padilla (Age 16

"I like The Music School because they have nice teachers, lots of white boards, and good pianos. I like learning chords and writing my first song!"

- Naomi James (Age 7)

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"Aidan has always loved music. As an 8 year old, he loved movie themes the best. I found The Music School doing a Google search and I spoke to Nicole who said I didn’t need my own piano to start; Aidan could practice on-site. We have been here two years and I can’t say enough good things about The Music School..."

- Astrid Peris

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"I first reached out to the School of Music when I wanted more guidance discovering my vocal range and capabilities. I already played guitar well and I wanted to improve on my singing. They are very laid back and easy to approach. I have been working with a vocal coach for three months now and have improved incredibly well compared to where I was prior to lessons."

- Logan Adair

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"I have been taking piano lessons at The Music School since I was three years old. I like the teachers because they are nice. I have learned a lot from them!"

-Lucas Sear (Age 7)

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